Date of Vietnam Visa - Vietnam Visa for Portugal passport holders

5 Reasons to choose Vietnam Visa on Arrival for Portuguese Passport Holders

Vietnam visa often cause a big headache for travelers in general, and Portuguese citizens in particular in the past. But, thanks to introduction of Vietnam visa on arrival, everything has been done in painless manner.

Why Portuguese citizens should choose Vietnam visa on arrival?

1. Convenient

As there is no Vietnam embassy in Portugal, it is not convenient for you to apply for Vietnam visa via this authority.

However, applying for Vietnam visa on arrival (applying online) does not require you to contact any embassy at all. You only need to complete the online form, get visa approval letter via email and then get visa stamped upon arrival at airport in Vietnam.

2. Simple

You do not need to prepare any document for visa application. Just put your original passport by your side to make sure all information you provide in the application for Vietnam visa online is correct.

3. Cost effective

Using visa on arrival saves you significant amount of travel expenses that is otherwise required to travel to the embassy. Vietnam visa on arrival also saves you the additional commission charges that you pay to the travel agents who operate to connect you and the embassy.

4. Safe

You are not required to submit your valuable passport anywhere. All the information provided on the online application form and the payment gateways are highly secured and governed by Vietnamese immigration department.

5. Quick

On payment of additional charges, you can even get the visa approval letter within few hours.

These are 5 reasons why Portuguese citizens should choose Vietnam visa on arrival. But please keep in mind that this kind of visa is for those travel to Vietnam by air only.

For more information about how to obtain a Vietnam visa for Portuguese citizens, please refer to the link: