FAQs about Vietnam visa in Portugal

Frequently Asked Questions about Vietnam Visa in Portugal

1. How can I apply for Vietnam visa in Portugal?

From Belgium, you may have two ways to get a visa for Vietnam:

  1. Apply for Vietnam visa at Vietnam Embassy in Portugal;
  2. Apply for Vietnam visa on arrival if you travel to Vietnam by air.

2. What is Vietnam visa on arrival?

Like a visa issued by Vietnam embassy, visa on arrival is a valid document allowing its bearer(s) to travel and stay in Vietnam for a certain period of time. However, its application is rather different from applying for a visa at embassy.

Its application requires no travel to the embassy at all. Users of this option only need to complete an online application for Vietnam visa, and then make payment of service fee, wait for visa approval letter sent to email within 02 working days (for tourist visas) or 7 working days (for business visas) and finally get full visa stamped at entry point in Vietnam airport.

3. Is Vietnam visa on arrival for travelers by air only?

Yes, Vietnam visa on arrival is available for travelers to Vietnam by air only as they need to get visa stamped at the airport in Vietnam.

However, please keep in mind that it requires arrival by air only, and then travelers who use visa on arrival can exit Vietnam by any means of transport.

4. How much is total cost of Vietnam Visa on Arrival?

Those who use visa on arrival to Vietnam need to pay for two kinds of fee: Service Fee and Stamping fee.

  1. Service fee is the fee to be paid online to travel agent (including Vietnamvisa.com.pt which provides comprehensive guide to Vietnam visa in Portugal) for processing visa approval letter with the Vietnam Immigration Department on behalf of the applicant(s). It can be different depending on number of applicants in your group and processing time to get visa approval letter (2 working days for tourist visa or 7 working days for business visa);
  2. Stamping fee is the fee to be paid in cash to Immigration Officer at Vietnam airport to get visa stamped upon arrival. It can be paid in USD or VND, etc. but USD is highly recommended to avoid any unexpected unbalanced exchange rate at the airport.

For details of these fees, refer to https://vietnamvisa.com.pt/#visa-fee-instruction.