Vietnam travel tips for those cannot speak English - Vietnam visa for Portuguese

How to travel in Vietnam when you only speak Portuguese

How to travel Vietnam without being good at Vietnamese, do you want to know the secret? It is also a matter of concern for many, so we would like to give suggestions as follows:

1. List the basic Vietnamese sentences

You should prepare yourself a list of some of the communication phrases that are used when traveling. Some basic sentences can be listed such as: “Xin Chào, tôi là…“, “Cho hỏi đường đến …?” or “Cái này giá bao nhiêu?“ and so on.

Learn basic Vietnamese phrases - Vietnam visa online portal

Learn basic Vietnamese phrases

If you do not know Vietnamese, there are a lot of questions related to your trip, so it’s better to list the questions related to those topics and then learn before going. Besides, to avoid forgetting after learning quickly, you should learn the sentences by topics such as eating, transportation to the location, car rental, price, hotel, etc.

2. Express by “body language”

Most of the indigenous people in the tourist places are very enthusiastic to the tourists as although they may not speak Vietnamese, they would hear you describe by body language. One of the reasons is it’s a common story of native people. When traveling to Vietnam, tourists often asked for address, hotels or restaurant therefore, if you don’t know Vietnamese, don’t hesitate to use the gesture to ask for more information.

Use body language to express what you want - Vietnam visa

Use body language to express what you want

3. Go with other friends

Making a friend with who the one also travels to Vietnam is a great idea as whether they may not be good at Vietnamese or proficient the better, it will help a lot. When traveling to Vietnam with many people with Vietnamese proficiency will help you avoid many unwanted risks or you and your friends can work together to find the most appropriate solutions.

Go with your friends to better experience Vietnam - Vietnam visa for Portuguese

Go with your friends to better experience Vietnam

4. Do not be afraid to speak Vietnamese wrongly, say what you want

You should say what you want to say. Although the grammatical errors in the sentences can be grammatically or vocabulary related, native speakers still understand the questions. Fearlessly speaking Vietnamese when communicating and not dare to say is a serious and common mistake when people speaking and learning Vietnamese.

5. Travel Vietnam when scheduled

Lost in foreign countries and cannot hear anyone can cause you a nuisance or dangerous cases so in order to limit this situation, make a list of the places you would like to visit, the time-saving directions and the means of transportation you can use. Do not forget to note more emergency telephone numbers, consultancy boards that use Portuguese in Vietnam.

6. Use smartphones and phone applications when traveling Vietnam

Make sure your phone is connected to the Internet when you are abroad. It is advisable to travel abroad for the use of automated translation tools such as Google Translate or Google Maps applications which have GPS to find more accurate restaurants, destinations. Furthermore, by smartphone, you can simply communicate with indigenous people if needed.

Use phone applications for Vietnam travel - Visa for Vietnam

Use phone applications for Vietnam travel

Last but not least, a Vietnam visa will be a must for Portuguese when traveling to Vietnam. If you, holding a Portugal passport, intend to get visa at Vietnam embassy,  you can mail your passport to the Vietnam embassy at most convenience to prepare and submit documents but please be noted that it will take about working days to get the Vietnam visa via this way.

Besides the traditional way of applying for a visa at Vietnam Embassy, you now have another option called Vietnam visa on arrival. This can be applied online, get approval letter online and then get full visa stamped at Vietnam arrival airport. Check out How Vietnam visa on arrival works for more details.

Hope your preparation for the coming Vietnam trip is smooth with this sharing post. Welcome to Vietnam!