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Tip to avoid spelling mistake filling out Vietnam visa online form

It is required for all Portuguese citizens and others obtain a visa approval letter online if they wish to pick up a Vietnam visa on arrival. But, there is a very common mistake concerning spelling that travelers obtain encounter when completing the online application form. And it’s not our obligation to refund your payment if the letter contain spelling mistake by your fault.

The question is how to avoid this spelling mistake? The answer is very easy.

The first way is good preparation. Before going online to the form, just put the passport beside you and then check the information you enter carefully.

In addition, there is another much easier way to avoid this mistake: “Your information we care“.You only need to send a request for visa approval letter to our email [email protected] in which you state the visa type, arrival airport and enclose a soft copy of your passport page. The entry of information will be our part, and we ensure all information to be the same as shown on your passport.

Is it easy? Our beautiful Vietnam is awaiting you!

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