Need a valid Vietnam visa or not

Vietnam transit visa

Hi. I’m Portuguese. I will have a flight to Hanoi at 10am January 1, 2017, staying there for 5 hours and then getting the next flight to Ho Chi Minh city before taking my final flight to Melbourne on the same day. I’ve read somewhere that I do not need to obtain a visa if I don’t leave the international area at the airport. Please confirm. I do not intend to leave the airport.

Dear Adalberto,

First of all, thank you for leaving us your message.

Regarding your concern, we would like to inform that in this case you need a Vietnam visa as you will need to leave the international airport in Hanoi for the Ho Chi Minh airport.

As you will enter Vietnam by air, you can apply for Vietnam visa on arrival for convenience.

Here is the link to apply:

Should you need any further information, please feel free to let us know.

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