policy for vietnam visa for Portuguese 2018

Vietnam visa policy for Portuguese citizens 2018

Hey Vietnamvisa.com.pt. Have you heard of any change in Vietnam visa for Portuguese in this 2018. Do we still need to get Vietnam visa to travel to your country? Please let me know. Thank you.


Please be kindly informed that, at the moment, all Portuguese still need to get a valid visa to Vietnam, regardless of their length of stay in Vietnam, their purpose of visit as well. Nothing changed compared to 2017 or previously.

And, there are still 2 options to get a Vietnam visa for Portuguese travelers, namely:

  1. Get Vietnam visa on arrival; OR
  2. Get visa at Vietnam embassy/consulate.

Each option has its own procedure, requirement and cost. You can refer to how to get Vietnam visa for Portuguese here for details.

Should you need any further information, please feel free to let us know.

Kind regards,

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